Learning , Cooperation Development and win-- Visit to International Engineering Company of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd

On October 20, Ye Yong, general manager of CCTEG-IEC, and his colleagues went to China Energy Engineering Group International Engineering Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as CEEG-IEC) to have a discussion and exchange with Yang Yisheng, general manager. The symposium was conducted by Deng Jianhua, deputy general manager.


Deng Jianhua from CEEG-IEC introduced the development history, organizations and project of China Energy in the exhibition hall. At the symposium, Yang Yisheng welcomed the delegation of CCTEG-IEC and introduced the general development process of CEEG-IEC since its establishment in 2015. Meanwhile, Ye Yong made a detailed description of the general situation, development ideas and overseas business of CCTEG-IEC. He hoped to have future cooperation in the field of coal and electricity integration and jointly expand the international market and accelerate the internationalization process by referring to the development experience of the CEEG-IEC.


Li Yaming (deputy chief engineer of CEEG-IEC), Qiu Changjin (general manager of International Department 3), Liu Yajun (deputy general manager of CTEG-IEC), Yu Lei (assistant of CCTEG-IEC’s general manager) and other related personnel attended the symposium.

Founded in 2015, CEEG-IEC is the major operating platform and external window of the international engineering business of China Energy Engineering Group, which is in charge of undertaking the development, construction and management of engineering projects in the field of international energy and power.



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