Invest-construction-operation business model

In order to overcome the difficulties in the process of project development, our business model has extended to investment construction and operation (Invest-construction-operation business model) from EPC and BOT . We have the capacity to work in every step of a coal mining project and in every sector of the coal industrial chain for investment, financing, construction and operation.

For risk control involved in a invest-construction-operation project, we have the risk prevention and control mechanism including social and environmental risk assessment. During the process of  Invest-construction-operation project, CCTEG will put efforts to strengthen the assessment of political risks and other social and environmental risks, formulate corresponding project risk prevention mechanism and emergency plan, and improve the enterprise's ability to cope with risks. Meanwhile, by using information tools, CCTEG will establish a mature and effective information control platform for the integration of Invest-construction-operation. For the aspect of investment, the capital flow will be followed to strengthen anti-risk capability.Through the information platform, enhancing the supervision of overseas project on the basis of "Investment Management, Procedures Management, Risk Management and Return Management", the management and control of overseas projects will be guaranteed on the aspect of investment, financing, construction, operation and the whole life cycle, so as to better cope with risks and achieve high-quality and sustainable development.

Invest-construction-operation business model has now been the new trend for our future businesses. We are looking forward to co-operations with various parties for a sound and sustainable development.





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