Complete set of mining equipment 

(I) International Market-Complete Equipment 

CCTEG IEC proactively responds to "The Belt and Road" initiative and has makes remarkable achievements in developing the international market based on technical advantages of coal mining and complete coal mining equipment advantage of CCTEG with permanent establishments in Russia, Indonesia and Australia and clients spreading all over Australia, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, South Africa, etc. which had sold more than 20 pieces of fully-mechanized excavating equipment overseas up to 2018.

(Ⅱ)Domestic Intelligent Complete Equipment

Domestic Complete Equipment Business Department set up by Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd. in Mar 2012 is the predecessor of Domestic Complete Equipment Marketing Department of China Coal Technology Engineering Group International Engineering Co., Ltd. The Domestic Complete Equipment Department of Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd. was a two-tier marketing system, which played the overall advantages of technology and equipment at the corporate level, developed standalone products sold by manufacturers, and promoted packaged technologies and equipment at the corporate level, and was mainly responsible for promoting the sales of packaged technologies of combined mining and equipment to domestic clients who are engaged in coal mining. Relying on the coal mining machine advantages of CCTEG, China Coal Technology Engineering Group International Engineering Co., Ltd. can coordinate the equipment used for mining, excavation, conveying, open pit mining, coal mine automation and electrohydraulic control, and provide clients with coal mine integrated supporting services including combined mining, fully mechanized excavation, dressing by washing and storage & transportation system.

After nearly 10 years of development, over 70 complete equipment sales projects in the domestic market hyave been contracted by International Engineering Co., Ltd. and Domestic Complete Equipment Department for the platform. Main clients cover the main coal producing areas in China such as Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Guizhou.

In recent years, the Company unites CCTEG Coal Mining Research Institute, Tianma, Tiandi Benniu, Tiandi Changzhou, CCTEG International (Beijing Huayu) and other associsted units to provide owners with solutions for coal mine intellectualization, and promote intelligent mine construction together. For example: Wujianfangxi No.1 Coal Mine Intelligent System Construction Project of Huarun Electric Power (Xilingol) Coal Industry Co., Ltd.


Sales advantages of intelligent complete equipment:

 Changed from one-to-many to one-to-one

● Easier equipment management

● More convenient after-sales and spare parts

Closer combination of technology and equipment

 Intelligent complete equipment improves overall efficiency

Our cases :

Complete equipment and development machine supply project of Russia Siberia Business Alliance

In Oct. 2017, the supply contract for complete fully-mechanized coal mining (excavating) equipment was signed with Russia Siberia Business Alliance Trading Co., Ltd. The mine was with minable seam thickness of 1.32-3.84m, ±25 dip angle and annual output of 3 million tons.



Ceremony of contract signing with Russia Siberia Business Alliance Trading Co., Ltd.


● Complete fully-mechanized coal mining equipment supply project of Russia Kuzbass Open-pit Coal Company

In Mar. 2015, the supply contract of complete fully-mechanized coal mining equipment was signed with Russia Kuzbass Open-pit Coal Co., Ltd. The mine was with minable seam thickness of 3.5-5.3m, daily maximum output of 0.014 million tons and annual output of 3 million tons, which was highly appraised by the Employer.


Complete fully-mechanized coal mining equipment joint commissioning acceptance ceremony of Russia Kuzbass Open-pit Coal Co., Ltd.


● Coal mine modern transformation project in Mylnikova, Ukraine

In Feb. 2012, the contract of the Modern Technical Transformation Project of Coal Mine in Mylnikova, Ukraine was signed with Ukraine Lixiqiangsike Coal Industry Company. Three pieces of complete fully-mechanized coal mining equipment and five pieces of fully-mechanized excavating equipment were provided to Ukraine Lixiqiangsike Coal Industry Co., Ltd. with the goal of thin seam working face annual output of 0.6 million tons achieved.



Complete fully-mechanized coal mining equipment joint commissioning acceptance ceremony of Ukraine Lixiqiangsike Coal Industry Company


In the letter written by Mr. Mykola Azarov-Prime Minister of Ukraine at that time to Wen Jiabao-Premier of the State Council with respect to "strengthening the practical cooperation between China and Ukraine", the project was highly praised. 

● Renovation project of Uzbekistan Angelin open-pit coal mine

In Mar. 2010, the Equipment Supply Contract of Angelin Open-pit Coal Mine Renovation Project was entered into by and between CCTEG and Uzbek Coal Corporation, which was commended by the government of Uzbekistan and owner unit, and was awarded Sino-Uzbekistan Friendship Outstanding Contribution Award by Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Uzbekistan after completion of the project.



Angelin open-pit coal mine in Uzbekistan

 ● Domestic intelligent complete equipment cases


Yulin Qianshuta Mining Co., Ltd.


Yulin Yang Huo Pan Coal



Xinwen Mining Group (Ili) Energy Development Co., Ltd.


Shaanxi Yi East Mining Co., Ltd.

 International Market - Non coal equipment

Large engineering equipment developed by CCTEG not only applies to the coal industry, but also non-coal industries such as metallurgy, port, power station, building materials and chemical engineering.

● Tunnel boring machine

CCTEG possesses the largest tunnel boring machine R&D and manufacturing base in China, and is capable of developing light-type, middle-type and heavy-type tunnel boring machines of more than 20 models, which are applicable to roadway excavation with the cutting cross section of 3.8~42 m2.



EBH315 heavy-type tunnel boring machine


● Belt conveyor

The belt width of ground fixed belt conveyor is 500~2200 mm, the conveying distance of a single conveyor is 10~8000m, and the conveying volume is 20~5500t/h. It is applicable to industries including metallurgy, mine, coal, port, power station, building materials, chemical engineering, light industry, petroleum, etc. as well as horizontal and inclined conveying.

● Quick ration loading system

The quick ration loading system is a hydromechatronics loading and measuring complete equipment, which is divided into three types of systems including railroad and train, road and car was well as port and ship.



Multi-channel quick ration loading system for cars



Port ore quick ration loading system


● Raise boring machine

Raise boring machine is widely used in mine ventilation engineering, and after technical improvement, it is mainly applied in the underground engineering constructions of the industry of coal, hydropower, transportation, metallurgy, metal and mine, such as: vertical shaft, inclined shaft, surge shaft, ventilation shaft and pumping shaft used in hydropower engineering, ventilation shaft used in railway construction as well as mucking shaft and escaping shaft used in mine. The main machine types include BMC200, BMC300, BMC400, BMC600, etc.





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