General plan of intelligent mine construction for West I of China Resources Power’ has been approved by experts

On October 10, the general plan of intellectualized mine construction of West I Coal Mine owned by China Resources Powercontracted by Tiandi and assisted by CCTEG-IEC, has successfully approved by the experts.


The Expert Committee is composed of well-known scholar form Universities, research institutes and coal mines, including China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Linyi Shandong Energy Mining Group, Shandong Energy Zaozhuang Mining Group and CCTEG, etc. At the meeting, experts put forward questions and suggestions according to the detailed planning scheme reported by the project team of Tiandi Science and Technology and provided reasonable solution. Eight manufacturers including China TX Group and LongRuan Technologies were invited by the owner to put forward specific suggestions on planning scheme based on their own products. The leader of  West I Mine provided a detailed introduction of overall objective and the idea of multi-phase implementation for intelligent mining construction.


Finally, after rigorous reviews, this planning proposal was approved unanimously by expert committee on the basis of its reasonable scheme and advanced technology.

China Resources Power (Xilin Gol) Coal Co., Ltd. General Manager Hong Lei, Technical Director Guo Tuanjie, Deputy General Manager Wu Yongfeng attended the meeting. Ye Yong, General Manager of CCTEG-IEC, accompanied during the whole meeting.

Project background: at the beginning of 2020, CCTEG-IEC awarded the contract of complete set of fully mechanized equipment of West I Coal Mine owned by China Resources Power with a RMB 151 million amount. In June 2020, after the abatement of coVID-19 epidemic in China, a group composed of mining institute, big data research institute and Beijing Tiandi Huatai Mining Management Co.,Ltd etc. organized by CCTEG-IEC visited West I Mine and had specific discussion several times for the purpose of mining construction and production in the future. In July 2020, leadership of West I Mine decided to launch the construction project of intelligent mine after thorough investigation.



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